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Priorities of each task were delivered with a strong balance between business and development goals. DIGIS augments your tech department with a fully autonomous team to delegate your tech routine and focus on business efficiency instead. Hire the best tech talent backed with expertise in your domain. We believe that we could solve those problems well without any hidden costs and still keep improving productivity.

As much as it can be rich with content, functional, and useful all-around, your book (i.e., your software solution) needs a motivating, attractive cover. For this, we individually pick available what is outstaffing specialists from our pool of candidates according to your detailed requirements. All the needed experts get to work as soon as possible and turn your solution’s bare bones into a usable product.

Benefits Of Our IT Outstaffing Services

Everyone knows that agility is an integral part of an effective business. Business dynamics and HR mobility are inseparable parts of the whole. In the context of regulated labor relations, forcible dismissal of an employee is often considerably labor-intensive. Firing non-compliant, delinquent, or simply ineffective staff – leave it to us. I have worked with people literally all over the world both in business and as freelancer, and people from Devox Software are 1 in a million. Listen to them because they can give strong advice about how to build good products.

  • Due to their extensive outreach, recruiting agencies find suitable candidates within several weeks.
  • So, if you require a UI/UX designer for three months, you can get one for this period of time.
  • Contact us and discuss the benefits of remote staffing with DOIT Software.
  • By talking to the selected applicants, recruiting agencies verify their skills and check whether they are suitable for the job.

Our team ensures a simple and fast hiring process with a large pool of IT specialists. RexSoft added all the additional requirements the client had. They delivered consistently on time, within budget, and were responsive whenever the client needed help with solving an issue. The client appreciated their ability to bring ideas, thoughts, and solutions to the table. WeCare4®’s initial focus is on building this community for caregivers of the aging.

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Your company needs to increase its staff due to business expansion. Though, the need for new employees exceeds the staffing plan for the year. New employees are hired, they perform their duties in the company, working alongside other employees, but in fact, belong to the staff of an IT outstaffing company.

To make the best decision, talk with one of our IT outstaffing advisors. Our team of experts offers professional advice on recruiting alternatives, the best tech stack, and the skills you require for a project. Next, hold an in-person interview with the outstaffing team, preferably with a technical manager. Seek clarification on how the outstaffing arrangement works. Find out if they have developers armed with the skills that your team needs. Or if they have overlapping experience with your business’s operation.


You determine the positions with necessary skill sets and share your specific expectations such as years of experience, the required tech stack, etc. We won’t lie to you by claiming that software outstaffing has no pitfalls. You should know that you may face such difficulties as management hardships, problems with receiving funding, and data leakage risks. These engineers are up to date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code.

it outstaffing services

To be brief, your contract will include only payment for the professional support and development services of our specialists and no additional fees or commissions. As we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, every single company out there would like to reduce its business-related costs. Outstaffing development is the approach that helps achieve that. There is a substantially lower cost of hiring a remote team of IT professionals compared to hiring full-time experts working in-house. Another important outstaffing benefit is that your product is handed to skilled professionals who can solely focus on what needs to be done. A further major trend in the industry is addressing the shortage of skilled professionals.


Specialists have considered the most convenient design, without limiting the functionality of the service. They showed professional attitude to the development of the project and produced successful results which we were satisfied with. Use our estimator aimed to calculate the expected development time and budget for your app. We replace hired developers if needed and facilitate knowledge transfer. When it comes to IT outstaffing, Eastern Europe is among the most popular destinations.

it outstaffing services

The client handles the development process and the part of outstaffed specialists in it. However, they remain employees of the IT outstaffing services provider. The latter deals with all the paperwork, equipment, bonuses, and other details. As an outstaffing agency we can provide support of the project at every development stage. We deeply analyze the customer’s business needs and provide professionals that ready develop smart solutions fully corresponding to your expectations.

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You’ll be able to instruct the team to work on multiple projects simultaneously . No matter the engagement model, we make sure you stay aware of project progress and updates. You can directly monitor the development process or hand over team management to our project managers. Our teams maintain maximum transparency through regular communication. Let’s look at the difference between outstaff and recruitment agency.

it outstaffing services






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